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Andre Paul Photography provides Hotel, Resort and Food photography through out Asia Pacific, South East and Central Asia, China and the Middle East.
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About Andre Paul Photography

About Andre Paul Schultz

Andre Paul Schultz was born in 1976 in the Barossa Valley, Australia. Over the past 10 years Schultz has travelled throughout Asia and the rest of the world where he is strongly moved by the movement, denseness and vitality of the culture and its people .

Global Inspiration

Andre currently lives and works in South East Asia, traveling the world capturing images and gaining inspiration that can only be found in immersing himself in the place and its culture. Andre Paul Photography specialises in capturing images for Hotels, Resorts, Restaurants and Tourism Campaigns. Images are also available for use in media publications.

Featured Projects

Andreas has shot images for leading Luxury Hotels & Resorts, Fashion Brands and has been published in several International Publications. He has had the opportunity to work with world class companies and brands in many different locations around the world.

Intercontinental Hotels

Hyatt Regency Resorts

The Siam, Bangkok

Conrad Hotels

Hilton Hotels

Marriott Hotels

The Robb Report

Quest Magazine

Lifestyle + Travel Magazine

HomeArt Magazine

AsiaLife Magazine

Viagens & Resorts Magazine

Hotels and Resorts

Contracting Andre Paul Photography to shoot your Hotel and Resort will be an assurance to you that your property will be captured in such a way to evoke a sense of supreme luxury and to capture the imagination of your prospective guests.

The quality of my photographs are indisputable and will bring true to life images of your property or destination; allowing your clientele to place themselves into that special moment or place.

Life through the Lens

Andre’s photographs are grounded in the everyday and this is portrayed through every day scenes and objects but with a twist.  He is moved by shape, texture and colour and he is always on the lookout for an unusual architectural angle that will convey the desired emotion.  He sees himself as a poetic observer and this is evident throughout his portfolio.  He beautifully captures everyday people going about their day; street sellers, market stalls, passers by or simply the silhouette of people in a crowd or an old lady relaxing on the street. He loves the play of sunlight and shadow and shows great restraint, by using black and white, to convey sun drenched streets to great effect.

His photographs, from working trips to China, Vietnam, Thailand and India,   are fresh and filled with emotion. They are said to evoke a melancholy mood, while being filled with the romance of the moment. His pictures are like an unfinished story and you are left to complete the tale.

Andre has the eye of an artist combined with a sound technical knowledge.  He knows instinctively whether black and white or colour will move the viewer and his photographs always play on one’s emotion.

What people are saying about Andre Paul Photography

Hilton Worldwide

” Gorgeous Pic! What a talented Photographer ”

Intercontinental Hotels

” Superb, as always. Thanks for picturing IC Danang in such a beautiful way ”

The Siam Hotel

” Great image of our Riverview Suite ”

Megan K Larsen, Founder Sodashi Skin Care

” Stunning Pic